Digital Archive Transformation Experts

If you are contemplating your next-generation digital archive transformation and are overwhelmed by the challenges you face, Cloudfirst can help! We have decades of experience in massive-scale, Legacy Archive analysis, planning, and migration services whether you are looking toward an on-premise, cloud or hybrid future.

Its never too early (or too late!) to engage our experts to help with some free advice, strategic guidance, Legacy Archive analysis and modelling, TCO analysis, reduced-rate 24x7 archive hardware/software support, and archive migration services.


Helping Navigate the Complex Path to Your Future Digital Archive

Whether we are contemplating technology or strategy, key decisions are often make-it-or-break-it. Technology providers and end-users are often scrambling to embrace the next “new thing” but playing this cat-and-mouse game can fly in the face of your ultimate strategic objectives, especially when it concerns your valuable digital archive. is built from the ground up to help clients plan and execute on their next-generation digital archive transformations. We remain laser focused on defining, developing, and evolving end-to-end managed services and software solutions to mitigate client business, technical and workflow risks while accelerating legacy archive modernization.
We can help guide you down the complex path to your next-generation archive regardless of where your objectives take us.


Unparalleled Expertise

Our team of migration experts possess more than a century of experience designing, developing, building, and deploying some of the world's largest and most complex on-premises tape archive systems.

We leverage our unparalleled experience to help empower our clients to make data-driven decisions regarding the future of their archive systems and move away from aging and proprietary legacy archive systems.

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Data Empowerment

Our data sciences team perform deep analysis of existing archive infrastructures to help our clients truly comprehend their legacy archive utilization from inception through to present day.

Leveraging real-world utilization patterns, growth forecasts, ingress/egress rates, and hundreds of other KPIs we eliminate all guesswork and empower our clients to make data-driven decisions on their next-generation archive.

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TCO Analysis

Leveraging the deep-insights from our analysis, we can construct the most accurate and comprehensive real-world Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models for our clients looking out over the next five years.

Marrying this real-world data with our clients medium to long-term strategic objectives enables us to construct a pragmatic plan for legacy archive migration while mitigating transformational risks along the way.

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Archive Migration as a Service

Once the time comes to move ahead with your legacy archive modernization, our global team of migration experts will take care of the rest.

Our turnkey, preservation-grade, managed migration service will manage the entire lift-and-shift of your valuable digital assets from your legacy on-prem system to your next-generation hybrid or cloud solution. We ensure zero operational impact and your valuable data never leaves your control.

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Support Cost Savings

Our rich pedigree as leaders, architects, and developers responsible for the creation and deployment of many of the leading legacy archive systems enabled us to build a compelling aftermarket support services offering for our clients.

Cloudfirst offers reduced rate 24x7 legacy archive software and hardware support services for most leading legacy archive platforms. We can typically save our clients 30% or more as compared to OEM providers with improved SLAs.

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Liberate Your Archive Forever

Our primary objective is to help free your digital assets now and forever. Our migration process removes all proprietary naming, wrappers, and interfaces from your assets to ensure no continued vendor lock-in.

We are always sad to see our clients go, but our entire business is built upon liberating our clients digital assets and exiting the scene once migration is complete, with another success story in hand!

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The Cloud [R]evolutionTM

Cloudfirst has helped develop a clear and pragmatic methodology to help with your legacy archive cloud-transformation and all surrounding tools/workflows. Whether you are ready to go all-in on the cloud today or not we can help.

Leveraging our advanced audit and modelling service to help you better understand your operations, assess risk areas, model your forward facing costs, and empower you to make data-driven decisions on your next-generation archive strategy. When you're ready, our Archive Migration as a Service (AMaaS) managed migration services can handle your entire lift-and-shift off your aging and proprietary legacy archive system, and remove all vendor lock-in on your valuable assets.

Our experienced global team can help mitigate operational risks before, during, and after your legacy archive migration and combine our unparalleled experience with our best-of-breed toolkit to empower the future of your digital archive. We can also help you save 30% or more on your sustaining 24x7 legacy archive support on your software or your software combined with your infrastructure (servers, tape library, tape drives).

Simplicity is key to our proven and repeatable approach. Whether you are interested in maintaining an on-premise, hybrid, or a cloud-centric future, we are uniquely positioned to provide an unmatched end-to-end combination of experience, technology, and services to ensure your transformational successes.

Trust our team of archive transformation experts!


Experience Matters

Our team of experts possess more than a century of combined experience in architecting, developing, and deploying some of the most innovative and demanding digital archive systems in the world. You can trust us to help you on your complex archive transformation journey.

How Can We Help

Deep-analysis and Audit

Our data sciences team capture, audit, and analyze your current digital archive infrastructure, usage patterns and trends to construct a real-world, data-driven baseline.

Understanding Your Business

Our Business Analysts will work with your Corporate Strategy team to truly understand your organizational objectives, pain-points, KPIs and business drivers.

Next-Generation Archive Planning

By marrying decades of real-world experience with your data and business objectives allow us to construct a forward-thinking vision and plan for your organization.

Legacy Archive Migration

We help execute on your strategy while our software orchestration tools manage the migration to your next-generation archive platform regardless of the topology or targets you select.


Change is never easy...

Planning a massive-scale migration off your legacy archive system can be daunting. Let our team of experts walk you through our success stories and demonstrate our advanced tools to help ease your transition and empower the future of your digital archive.

Industry Challenges

Increasing Annual Costs

We can help you take control of ever-increasing support, maintenance and upgrade costs for your legacy archive infrastructure. By analyzing your real-world utilization we can build a long-term financial model that makes sense for you.

Migration Challenges

Large-scale digital archives are often in a constant state of storage migration as they continue to grow and age. Keeping pace with this and ensuring longevity of your archive is paramount. We can help your organization manage migration and control costs.

Limited Innovation

Many legacy archive solutions have not kept pace with the demands of the industry, locking their users into static workflows, aging architectures, and archaic licensing models. Let us help you take a fresh look at the art-of-the-possible.

Uncertain Future

Corporate consolidation, profit drivers, and the normal ebb-and-flow of the industry have caused many end-users concern with the long-term viability of their legacy archive solutions - and sustaining access to their digital crown jewels! We can help.