Metadata Mining and
Archive Discovery Leveraging Advanced AI/ML

Media2Cloud is an open-source AI/ML automation solution developed jointly by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and

This innovative One-Click-to-Cloud solution delivers a preconfigured suite of advanced AWS powered cloud-ecosystem components for legacy archive migration, cloud-storage, asset discovery, on-the-fly metadata enrichment, and more powered by Cloudfirst

Amazon Media2Cloud Solution

Media2Cloud is an open-source AI/ML integration and automation solution developed in partnership between Amazon Web Services (AWS), Levels Beyond, and It is an AI/ML automation solution designed for large-scale archive discovery and metadata enrichment powered by our Archive Migration as a Service (AMaaS) managed migration services.

This integrated solution allows migration off your legacy archive system embracing next-generation on-premise, private, hybrid and public cloud storage solutions. All this while enabling the advanced eco-system benefits of AWS Marketplace partners including best-of-breed AI/ML services, transcoding, media analysis, distribution and more.

Media2Cloud is available as a free open-source Amazon Cloudformation template, fully deployable in your own AWS account in a matter of minutes. With direct integration to our Archive Migration as a Service (AMaaS) migration orchestration platform Rapid Migrate, Cloudfirst can have you up and running in no time, ready to reap the broad and deep benefits of the cloud.

We not only ensure the end-to-end integrity and authenticity of your file-based assets during migration but also ensure core asset metadata is seamlessly extracted, transported, and preserved as it migrates to your next-generation targets (MAM, media supply chain). Rapid Migrate includes transformational workflow component integration to allow for WAN acceleration and encryption, asset rewrapping, transcoding and content quality checks in-flight to your next-generation platform all under a single pane of glass.

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Media2Cloud is fully integrated with our innovative Archive Migration as a Service (AMaaS) managed migration service and includes preconfigured templates for legacy archive metadata extraction and preservation, AWS Elemental proxy transcoding, AWS Rekognition AI/ML for metadata mining and AWS Transcribe for text-to-speech. All components are automatically deployed in a transactional, serverless environment greatly simplifying solution deployment and management while minimizing costs. Media2Cloud is a unique way for you to trial end-to-end cloud-based workflows while avoiding all of the typical integration complexities, unpredictable expenses and set the stage for infinite scale when you are ready.

Please contact our team to learn more about your cloud transformation and arrange a pilot of our innovative Media2Cloud solution as part of your archive transformation initiative.


Cloud Transformation

Massive-scale digital repositories present challenges few can truly comprehend. As many organizations struggle to find the right balance of software, hardware and cloud-services to meet their go-forward objectives, many of the complex details are lost in the noise.

Cloudfirst can help you navigate this complex path.