More than 2 Petabytes of the Worlds Most Valuable Digital Assets
Liberated Each Week

Our turnkey Archive Migration as a Service (AMaaS) managed migration service is helping clients around the globe liberate more than 2PB of the worlds most valuable digital assets from aging and proprietary legacy archive systems each and every week!

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Archive Migration as a Service  (AMaaSTM)
Managed Migration Services

Cloudfirst’s Archive-Migration-as-a-Service (AMaaS) is a cost-effective, end-to-end managed service data-tape (LTO) to cloud migration offering. It combines our best-of-breed Rapid Migrate scalable migration orchestration platform backed by our unparalleled team of migration experts to help clients escape aging and proprietary on-premises data-tape archive systems and propel them down their next- generation archive transformation path.

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Regardless of the motivation for migration off your existing Legacy Archive system, taking the first bold step to your next-generation platform can be daunting. You can choose to remain status quo and hope for the best or invest in the future of your business while ensuring the long-term protection of your digital crown jewels. Our experienced team and advanced migration tools can help you break free of these aging and proprietary Legacy Archive systems.

Regardless of whether your next-generation digital archive strategies involve on-premises, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid, our team of experts can help you along this transformative journey. We are helping dozens of clients around the globe analyze, plan, and migrate away from their massive-scale Legacy Archive systems while eliminating all technical and operational impact along the way. Our proven tools and unparalleled team of migration experts will ensure the most cost-effective, efficient, and risk-free path to your next-generation digital archive.

Our data-driven approach to massive-scale Legacy Archive migration has been successfully honed and fine- tuned working closely with our forward-thinking clients over dozens of successful archive transformation projects. Our Legacy Archive Audit and Modelling Service identifies, and models all archive and resource utilization metrics, allowing us to enter the archive migration phase without any guesswork or assumptions. Our advanced data modelling ensures unmatched migration efficiency, fully identifies migration costs in advance, eliminates any technical risks, and ensures zero impact on sustaining production operations.

AMaaS is offered as a turnkey “Software as a Service” with pricing based on the unique storage footprint of your Legacy Archive system modelled over the entire migration timeline. Pricing includes Rapid Migrate software subscriptions across any number of client provided data migration engines, migration managed services, software support, and any required professional services for the duration of the migration project timeline. As with our data-empowerment stage, we work to eliminate uncertainty as all costs are fully defined in advance of embarking on what can typically be very lengthy migration initiatives.

This fully managed services offering offloads the end-to-end archive transformation burden from your team, allowing Cloudfirst to manage your entire Legacy Archive migration and empowering your own staff to remain focused on core business tasks. Our migration experts remotely manage the migration environment throughout the entire migration process often identifying, tuning, and resolving issues before client teams are even aware of the issue.

Our AMaaS process combined with our specialized migration tools and deeply experienced services team uniquely positions Cloudfirst as the only partner capable of providing a true end-to-end human and technology-driven path to your next-generation digital archive.


Transparent Costs

Whether you are migrating a portion of your assets or a full multi-petabyte archive, you will only ever pay for what you use. All costs are known up front before the first byte is moved.

Secure and Fast

Our solution scales to meet your bandwidth demands and migration targets. Data is always encrypted in transit and it never leaves your direct control.

Multiple Targets

Our migration service supports most legacy archive systems and all on-premise and cloud target storage platforms. You bring your own cloud credentials and we handle the rest!

Intelligent Routing

Our migration platform allows granular control migration order and can route each assets to different targets and storage classes based on dynamic metadata-driven policies.

Metadata is Key

Legacy archive, technical, and ancillary metadata is carried along with your assets. Migrated objects are tagged with key metadata and it can also be used to populate new/downstream systems.

Preservation Grade

Our AMaaS is the only true preservation-grade migration solution with our innovative internal content verification and advanced integrity integration with most leading cloud platforms.

Cloudfirst Rapid MigrateTM 
Migration Orchestration Platform

Cloudfirst’s Rapid Migrate is an advanced, scalable migration orchestration platform designed to orchestrate quick and efficient migration of digital assets to your next-generation archive environment. Its primary focus is sustaining and protecting existing production operations during migration based on advanced utilization models developed during our Legacy Archive Audit and Modelling Service.

Rapid Migrate automatically ebbs and flows with the daily production demands on your Legacy Archive system ensuring they always maintain operational priority while maximizing the utilization of available resources in the system to ensure the fastest possible migration to your next-generation storage and archive platform. Rapid Migrate will dynamically reduce resource utilization as operational demands increase on the Legacy Archive system and increase utilization during non-peak times. Rapid Migrate allows users and administrators to track migration progress, monitor throughput and performance and quickly identify any migration issues leveraging its real-time, web-based dashboard.

Single Pane of Glass Insights

Our advanced dashboard and logging tools ensure you have a detailed and transparent view as your migration progresses. With cloud-based reporting, our team of experts can proactively help identify bottlenecks to ensure your migration performance is optimized throughout the process.

We provide your administrators a simple interface to monitor our migration services, while our team of migration experts handle all the complexities on your behalf.

Rapid Migrate supports various local and remote targets for assets and ensures “preservation grade” data migration, confirming checksums at every stage of the migration workflow. Migrations are typically performed in the context of the source data tapes, ensuring the most efficient operations possible. Essentially, a configured number of data tapes are loaded in the Legacy Archive system environment at any point in time for migration. Rapid Migrate will force the migration of assets in an ordered fashion from each tape once loaded, mitigating the negative mechanical characteristics of data tape handling wherever possible. This is significant as these Legacy Archive system infrastructures are typically aging, and improper resource handling could cause irreparable harm to the system and put sustaining production operations at risk.

By dynamically controlling the number of parallel migration streams, Rapid Migrate ensures production workflows are not negatively impacted while optimizing asset migrations to your next-generation platforms. Once an asset (or object) is restored from the Legacy Archive platform, Rapid Migrate will handle all the complexities of secure delivery to the destination or target platform, authenticating and validating the content at each step along the migration chain.

As a matter of priority, Rapid Migrate ensures the preservation of Legacy Archive metadata throughout the migration process. Metadata is key to continuity for business systems integration as well as for preservation purposes. Any relevant Legacy Archive metadata is extracted during the restore from the Legacy Archive solution and pushed into the target storage as key/value pairs if supported (S3, etc.) and/or written to a metadata sidecar file which can integrated with downstream systems (MAM, media supply chain, cloud workflows, etc.). This ensures continuity of content and metadata and minimizes impact on other systems integrated to the Legacy Archive system as Rapid Migrate orchestrates the move to your next-generation environments.

Rapid Migrate supports migration of assets to almost any target storage and archive system regardless of whether you are moving to on-premises, private, public or hybrid cloud.